Supersteroids Part 2: BA-36644

Ciba was – famously – the company responsible for the introduction of the most popular synthetic steroid of all time; Dianabol, in 1959. Their contribution to the field of steroids also included work on the total synthesis of aldosterone, and new techniques for the synthesis of 19-nor compounds and corticosteroids. They performed clinical evaluations on boldenone undecyclenate (then known by its internal moniker of BA-29038), [1] and they also did some more unusual structural modifications to steroids, testing several “abeo” steroids. [2]

Steroids. 1996 Aug;61(8):492–503. [2]

Though the abeo-prednisolone proved in clinical trials to be no more effective an anti-inflammatory than prednisolone, another experimental “abeo” drug – in this case an anabolic steroid – demonstrated activity significantly different to that of its parent hormone. So significant, in fact, that it deserves “supersteroid” status.
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