Update: Two Purity First products may contain “Dimethyltestosterone”

As mentioned in our previous blog post FDA officials recently identified the presence of two well known designer steroids, dimethazine and superdrol, in Purity First’s Healthy Life Chemistry B-50 product.

Further FDA testing has noted the additional detection of traces of something they suspect to be “dimethyltestosterone” in Purity First’s “Multi-Mineral” and “Vitamin C” products. [1]

“Purity First Health Products is recalling two lots of Healthy Life Chemistry B-50 (100 capsules), one lot of Healthy Life Chemistry Multi-Mineral (200 capsules) and all lot numbers for Healthy Life Chemistry Vitamin C (200 capsules).
Testing of the Multi-Mineral and Vitamin C capsules appear to indicate the presence of Dimethyltestosterone.” [1]

The trivial name “dimethyltestosterone”, while a little vague, is generally taken to indicate the anabolic steroid Bolasterone. It is, however, extremely unlikely for Bolasterone to find it way into a vitamin supplement – far less likely than superdrol or dimethazine. This particular anabolic would be difficult to manufacture, expensive to procure, is extremely rare, and in low demand.

Reading between the lines, the FDA do not appear to be confident in their identification of dimethyltestosterone (Bolasterone), so perhaps they are detecting traces of something else. One possibility is that the traces are of another compound with the same molecular weight, like methylstenbolone. Methylstenbolone is quite prevalent on today’s “prohormone” market, appearing in a variety of supplements from a number of supplement brands.

methyl stenbolone and bolasterone

In a rather bizarre backlash by the owner of the company, Candice Tripp believes the coverage and accusations against her products were made in effort to “drive small vitamin-makers out of business”. “I am saying it’s not the vitamins. This is environmental,” Tripp told newsday.com. [2]

Conspiracy theories aside, the chances are that this is simply a horrible mistake on the part of the supplier and/or the contract manufacturer.

[1] Purity First Health Products, Inc. Issues Nationwide Recall of Specific Lots of Healthy Life Chemistry B-50, Multi-Mineral and Vitamin C Products: Due to a Potential Health Risk
[2] Recall of Purity First vitamins widens – Newsday.com