New Products: Desoxytestosterone, Triacetyladenosine, and Oneiromancer

Several interesting new products have hit the supplement and prohormone markets recently. New prohormones available include desoxytestosterone acetate, and new supplements include the “pump product” triacetyladenosine, and the sleep/dream formula Oneiromancer.

Desoxytestosterone Acetate:

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2-androstenol Ac

Desoxytestosterone is the non-17a-methylated analogue of desoxymethyltestosterone. Desoxymethyltestosterone is better known as madol or pheraplex, so desoxytestosterone is sometimes referred to as “unmethylated phera”.
Desoxytestosterone has an anabolic:androgenic ratio of 160:60 vs. testosterone by subcutaneous injection. [1]
Desoxytestosterone acetate first appeared on the market as a component of AX’s “3-AD”, and is currently available to pre-order as a raw powder from PHF Supplements. The acetate ester will enhance solubility significantly.


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Adenosine is a cellular signalling molecule that regulates muscular blood flow and glucose uptake. Adenosine itself has a very short half life and is readily subjected to metabolic inactivation by the enzyme adenosine deaminase. [2][3] The 3 acetyl groups of triacetyladenosine slow the rate of metabolism and elimination of the adenosine molecule in the body. These chemical changes also permit greater lipid solubility to allow for better accessibility to the body via a topical formulation.

Prototype Nutrition has recently introduced triacetyladenosine as a capped product for oral use. The ingredient can also be found in two of Patrick Arnold’s other formulations; E-Pharm Pump Spray and E-Pharm Joint Force.


silene capensisHemidesmus_indicus_roots
Oneiromancer from Antaeus Labs is promoted as a dream/sleep supplement. It contains extracts of the shamanistic herbs Silene Capensis and Synaptolepis Kirkii, the Ayurvedic herb Hemidesmus Indicus, as well as other ingredients to induce sleep, prolong REM sleep, promote vivid and lucid dreams, and increase dream recall.

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