FDA Raid Primordial Performance

The Food and Drug Administration raided Primordial Performance’s premises this week, seizing their Androseries, Sustain Alpha and Dermatherm products.
The raid has pulled the proverbial rug out from under the Portland-based supplement company, prompting an immediate announcement that they are going out of business.

“Eliot Ness of the Steroid Era”
Fresh from turning the international sports icon and hero to millions Lance Armstrong into the reviled drugs cheat and doping mastermind Lance Armstrong, the government drugs-in-sport bloodhound nicknamed “Eliot Ness of the Steroid Era” is believed to have led the raid that sealed the fate of Primordial Performance.

As an agent for the IRS he was responsible for uncovering the BALCO doping scandal, and since working for the FDA has exposed drugs rings in baseball and cycling, as well as conducting raids on those selling steroids as dietary supplements, including American Cellular Labs, Bodybuilding.com, and now Primordial Performance.

“Leading the Steroid Revolution”
It’s unclear whether this week’s raid relates to their current “Androseries” lineup, largely comprising of DHEA isomers, or their long-discontinued designer steroids like the recently scheduled superdrol (methasteron), though their advertising which claimed they were “leading the steroid revolution” is unlikely to do them any favours in the eyes of the FDA.

Precisely what action will be taken against the company, or against their CEO Eric Potratz, remains to be seen. The 2009 raid on Bodybuilding.com resulted in a corporate fine of $7m for the sale of unapproved drugs, with an additional $500,000 fine paid by the CEO Ryan DeLuca, though any action against Primordial/Potratz is likely to be on a much smaller scale.

Primordial Performance have promised to “release the full details in the coming weeks”, so stay tuned for the full story.

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