Driven Sports Confirm Craze Counterfeits

The rumours of counterfeited Driven Sports products circulating in Europe have been confirmed this week by a press release from the company themselves.

Over the past few months Driven Sports preworkout product ‘Craze™’ has been found in stores in England, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, and Austria at prices that sounded too good to be true – and they were.

At least seven internet stores and a large number of eBay sellers have been found to be distributing counterfeit tubs of Craze™ at knock-down prices, opening themselves up to potential legal action from both Driven Sports and the consumers they duped.

Anyone who has bought products that they suspect may be counterfeit is urged to contact Driven Sports’ only approved European distributor Predator Nutrition at for advice.

More information:
Driven Sports PRESS RELEASE – Counterfeit Craze in Europe