BMF Salvation spiked with prescription-only med?

Chaotic Labz B.M.F. Salvation is a “non-hormonal” supplement that has recently been garnering a reputation as users appear to be gaining significant mass in a short time-frame while taking it; historically, many of these “non-hormonal” supplements have subsequently been found to have been spiked with designer anabolics. Read on to find out if this is the case with BMF Salvation…

The contents are listed in as confusing a fashion as possible; obscure chemical nomenclatures are used to disguise the ingredients, which appear to include the naturally-occurring compounds 3′-hydroxy-Kaempferide, Plumbagin, Cuminaldehyde, α-Crocin, and Beta-Sitosterol.

None of these ingredients appear to be likely to be responsible for the insatiable appetite and rapid weight gain users have been reporting; so what is really in it?

Cyproheptadine Structure

Analytical testing is believed to show that BMF Salvation is spiked with the prescription-only drug cyproheptadine hydrochloride.

Cyproheptadine is an antihistamine medication that also stimulates appetite [1][2] through non-selective inverse agonism of the seratonergic receptors in the hypothalamus. [3]
The most frequently reported side-effect with this drug appears to be drowsiness, though the possibility exists for more serious side-effects or drug interactions, particularly as the ingredient is undeclared and the dosage unknown.

Although the word-of-mouth reports of weight-gain seen in users seem to be increasing sales of the product, in “spiking” products with undeclared ingredients manufacturers leave themselves wide open to litigation and prosecution from consumers and regulatory authorities alike.

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5 thoughts on “BMF Salvation spiked with prescription-only med?

  1. So are we positive this doesn’t also have an unknown anabolic in it? Maybe something undetectable like when libido boosters are spiked with rare sildenafil analogs. Or like when PA created the clear. Can this antihistamine really put on 15-20lbs, without effecting your hormones?

    • I’m confident that it doesn’t contain anabolics and does contain periactin.

    • It does affect your hormones, just not your sex hormones. It’s an inverse agonist of the 5-HT2C receptor and as a result it modulates the HPA axis.

  2. Is it ok for a 29 year old female to take it ? And if so how much do you suggest? I am 97pounds now and want to gain 15-20 pounds and the quicker the better really.. How many do u think I should take a day and for how long? And should I also take anything else with it? Thank you .. 😉

  3. Britni, we would never condone or advise taking anything that is spiked with a prescription-only drug at unknown doses.

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