Name That Steroid: Round Four

This round is very hard.

Work out what the unifying theme is, name the six steroids pictured (trivial names please) and, for maximum points, identify the odd one out and why. Post your answers in the comments section.

Note: These are not anabolic steroids.

5 thoughts on “Name That Steroid: Round Four

  1. 1. Alfaxalone
    2. Alfadolone
    3. 5a-dihydrodeoxycorticosterone
    4. 3-keto-Minaxolone (does this exist? Minaxolone has a 3-hydroxy)
    5. Ganaxolone
    6. 17-phenylandrostenol
    Looks like #3 is the odd man out. All the others have some sedation related effects. Thanks for the challenge, it was fun to use my brain on a random Thursday evening…

    • Nice work Justin.

      You’re right; #5 was intended to be minaxolone and I made a careless error when I was drawing it.

      Have another stab at #3. It isn’t the odd one out, though your reasoning is good.

  2. Good job Justin. 1,2,and 6 are correct. Regarding the naming of the rest of them:

    #3: remember it’s 5b-reduced.
    #4 & #5: I think you mixed these two up on accident; should be the other way around.

  3. Unifying theme – These are neurosteroids.
    Odd out – #6 (17-phenylandrostenol) acts as an antagonist to #1-5 at the GABA A receptor

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