Name That Steroid: Round Six

Correctly identify each steroidal substance from the structural diagrams for kudos.

Name that steroid round six blank

Adapted from: The use of in vitro technologies and high-resolution/accurate-mass LC-MS to screen for metabolites of “designer” steroids in the equine. Drug Test Anal. 2011 Jan;3(1):74–87.

Leave your answers in the comments section.

Name That Steroid: Round Five

As always, your challenge is to correctly identify each steroid from the structural diagrams.

Leave your answers in the comments section. Trivial names are preferred, though nomenclatures or proprietary names will be accepted.

Steroid Biochemistry and Pharmacology. Academic Press; 1970, p127.

For bonus points identify which one is the odd one out; a steroid that as far as I know has no trivial name, has never been used clinically (or recreationally) and appears to have been included in error.