Does ‘Epistane’ convert to ‘Phera’?

Many will have heard the rumour at, one time or another, that the prohormone/designer steroid “epistane” (also known as havoc, and 17α-methyl-epithiostanol) can convert to “pheraplex” (also known as phera, madol, and desoxymethyltestosterone). Often it’s suggested that epi that is past its use-by date can degrade in the bottle into phera; occasionally it’s suggested that epi may even convert in the body to phera, acting as a sort of “prohormone” to phera.

There’s a profound difference in reported effects between the drugs, which has raised doubts over their suspected relationship. Epi is reported to be very effective as a cutting agent, inducing fat-loss and a “dry” appearance, with lean muscle acquisition often accompanied by sore joints and a low libido. Phera, in contrast, is promoted as a “bulker,” with which the gains are “wet,” and it’s described as being a “feel-good” compound with a positive effect on libido.

While the question of whether conversion is possible is an interesting riddle for some, for others it may have more serious repercussions – though epistane is not currently scheduled at the time of writing, phera (desoxymethyltestosterone) is a Class C controlled substance in the UK, [1] and a Schedule III controlled substance in the US. [2]

But is it true, or is it broscience?
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